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A brand's success depends on a strong global vision and coherence between all key areas of the business.

We understand the importance of striking the right balance between a design and commercial sensibility and identify the best angles to strengthen a brand’s essence and anchor points.

  • Brand analysis

  • Brand identity & DNA

  • Brand value proposition

  • Competitor analysis

  • Customer profiling

  • Brand strategy


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Now more than ever, any visual element attached to a brand name needs to be carefully calibrated and aligned with a clear strategy at every level: Advertising campaign, Product shots (E-commerce), Video, Website imagery, Social Media, PR, Visual Merchandising in store…

Conscious of the immense impact that image & visual identity represent, we offer creative visual solutions supporting the brand’s communication in a consistent way across all key touch points.

We specialise in:

  • Creative concepts

  • Art direction (photo & video)

  • Photo shoot orchestration (model casting, photographer selection, location, logistics)

  • Creative photography for social media


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With the undeniable evolution of digital in the recent years, it is imperative for any brand to be articulate, engaging and visually compelling online.

Every brand has to be true to their identity and brand voice in the digital space, whilst efficiently reaching a determined target audience.

We mostly focus on Wordpress and specialise in:

  • Web design

  • Web Project Management

  • Web creative content (written and visual)

  • Social Media strategy

  • Social Media content (written and visual)


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Design & Creative Direction

With fashion and product at the core of our expertise, we have a first hand understanding of the design process, working independently or alongside creative directors/ designers/ buyers in the fashion industry. We also offer professional expertise in defining, designing and producing adapted collections to market globally. We specialise in Women’s wear and Accessories:

  • Design & Creative direction

  • Seasonal concepts

  • Collection plan

  • Fabric selection

  • Product design

  • Graphic developments : artwork, patterns



We have provided services to a variety of brands over the years, our clients include: